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Renee Max works closely with each client to create a unique and personal fitness program to meet their short and long term goals. See what her clients say about her:


Client Testimonial
I am not your typical "gym rat". When I was 60, I joined Equinox and began my exercise adventure guided by expert trainers. Renee is the 3rd trainer I've worked with, the previous 2 leaving Equinox to pursue other passions. Each of my previous trainers gave me what I needed at the time. Renee is providing me with the support and challenge that helps me continue towards my "healthy aging" goal. Renee knows how to structure a program to be "just tough enough" - a challenge that makes you work hard and typically you feel the results, but one that would never create an injury or zap that growing sense of capability. Knowing she would never ask me to do more than I could strive to, I feel confident in tackling the maneuvers she instructs me to do in our sessions, although some times I have my doubts. Renee is skilled in assessing the areas for improvement and designs your program to chip away at those and builds not only confidence, but visible improvement. Renee has a great sense of humor and has been very accommodating with my crazy work and travel schedule. I've been working with Renee about a year now; and as a direct result, today I am stronger, with better balance (that's a real area for continuous improvement), bubbling with energy, better core strength, and visible improvements in muscle tone. People constantly ask me if I've lost some weight (that's another area for continuous improvement). As far as personal trainers go, what else could you ask for?  --Janet Frank

Client Testimonial
I have been working out with Renee for the past year. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Renee's holistic approach towards fitness - diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs, customized meal plans & challenging yet achievable goal setting. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle! I recommend her without reservation. - Christine Callas


Client Testimonial
I started working out with Renee after my wedding. At that point I was totally unmotivated and feeling like I had no goals and nothing to look forward to fitness wise. Renee has challenged me and pushed my body to levels I didn't even know was possible. With her, I am constantly setting goals and meeting them. I never thought I could do a perfect push up, or handle the TRX with confidence, but now I can. Renee is the perfect balance of strength and understanding as a trainer. She somehow finds a way to get everything out of me without pushing too hard. For this reason I trust her and I know her work outs are going to take me right to the edge but that I can do them. She is also a huge resource about proper nutrition habits. Her tips are real and reasonable. I highly recommend working out with Renee if you are ready to take your work outs and your body to the next level. - Muriel Thompson


Client Testimonial
I'm in my 50's, and in the best shape I have ever been in my life! THANKS to my awesome trainer. Renee Max. I have been working out twice a week with Renee for 2 years. Gyms and weight training has always intimidated me. But after a life changing event in losing my husband to pancreatic cancer- I decided I needed to take the best medicine to help my grief. I joined Equinox gym and was given a trial workout session with Renee. The rest is history. I made the commitment to stick with a fitness program designed by Renee to fit my individual needs in strength training. I love the way I feel- strong, toned, confident! I highly recommend Renee- she will help you look and feel your best everyday. - Ladelle Hill


Client Testimonial
Before coming to Equinox I had lost all confidence in myself on my weight loss journey. I had hit a plateau and was feeling a little depressed. At Equinox I started taking classes and immediately fell in love with the idea of circuit training. Though the classes were amazing, I hit plateau again. I knew then it was time to seek help. I chose to have an assessment with my wonderful trainer Renee. She not only creates and executes amazing workouts but also gives support and advice for emotional well being. Through Renee's support and guidance I have lost a total of 30 pounds, 3 dress sizes and gained upper body strength. I have learned to embrace my ups, as well as, my downs. I have gained confidence in myself and my ability to do anything. Renee is not only my trainer but also my friend. She is my rock. - Raphaela Hodges



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