Achieving Your Fitness & Health Goals

Fitness. Wellness, Losing Weight. Eating Healthy. As a personal trainer and an expert TRX Suspension and Kettlebell trainer, Renee Max provides the proper direction for men and women to reach all of these goals. Without the right path and set of goals from an experienced trainer, it is easy to become overwhelmed on your path to a healthier lifestyle. With Renee Max, you will get the right balance of encouragement, motivation and disciplined exercise techniques reinforced with an endless amount of fitness and healthy lifestyle knowledge, which will help you achieve your goals. Eating healthy is equally as important as exercising.


Together, you will assess your current wellness lifestyle including your work and home routines, your food and diet habits, your current (or non-existing) workout regiment and devise a combined routine that provides results. You will transform your life and when you make this shift, you will notice your entire life move in a positive way and the benefits will be enormous.


Explore the great training methods that Renee Max uses to help you be the best version of you.


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  Precision Nutrition

Nutrition is a huge component to leading a healthy lifestyle. Precision Nutrition helps people transform lives through expert coaching, ongoing support, and guided mentorship. Precision Nutrition taught me to coach by listening to my clients' needs and what they want to accomplish, learning how they live, discovering what's really important to them, and working together to create the right nutrition and exercise approach based on their goals and lifestyle. Then I coach them through the process, help them with the inevitable roadblocks along the way to success.



  • Proper food planning
  • Learn science behind nutrition
  • Daily structure and support
  • Setting behavior goals and develop a good relationship with food
  • Create a healthy lifestyle that will last

TRX Suspension Training

TRX is suitable for many different types of people with varying fitness goals. As with most programs , TRX training can be customized by Renee to meet your level of fitness. TRX relies on individual bodyweight resistance to gravity, so training is always within your personal capabilities and can be modified for a challenge, breaking a plateau or maintenance.


Key Principles


  • Training while standing, or maintaining core muscle engagement and postural alignment during elevated exercises which forces you to control and strengthen the body's stabilizing musculature.
  • Integrated, multi-joint exercises that rely on coordinated muscle and joint effort enhances stabilization and proportional muscle mass.
  • Training occurs in any movement along three planes of motion: front, sagittal and transverse.
  • Maximizing core function the entire time.
  • Muscle definition



  • Improved coordination and agility
  • Better posture
  • Time efficient - you train multiple fitness components in the same session including cardio, strength, balance, stability, power and endurance.
  • Increased power development and endurance
  • Help project you from injuries
  • Simplicity - exercises are straightforward and use one piece of equipment



Women Specific Workouts

Pre-Wedding Training


Your wedding photos are one of the most important keepsakes from your big day. Making the commitment to look spectacular will make your wedding day even more special. With Renee by your side, you can make sure you will fit into your wedding dress perfectly, as she will customize a unique fitness program that fits your goals and time frame.


  • Look fabulous
  • Less stress


  • More energy
  • More confidence


Pre & Post Natal Training


Most women benefit greatly from exercising throughout their pregnancies. In the first trimester, Renee will work with you and your physician to plan a routine that will keep you in shape while pregnant. Exercise is a huge plus for both you and your baby at any stage in your pregnancy.


  • Feel better
  • Look better


  • Prepare you and your body for birth
  • Regain your pre-pregnancy body quicker



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